Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cherishing All Living Beings

I went to a Buddhist meditation called Heart Jewel and this was read during the meditation. It is from The New Meditation Handbook by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Since Beginningless time, in life after life, I have been a slave to my self-cherishing mind. I have trusted it implicitly and obeyed its every command, believing that the way to solve my problems and find happiness is to put myself before everyone else. I have worked so hard and for so long for my own sake, but what do I have to show for it? Have I solved all my problems and found the lasting happiness I desire? No. It is clear that pursuing my own selfish interests has deceived me. After having indulged my self-cherishing for so many lives, now is the time to realize it simply does not work. Now is the time to switch the object of my cherishing from myself to all living beings.

My Sister's Book!

My sister's book is available on Amazon for pre-order.

It is being published by Hay House.

Here's the description:

This book is a flashlight for people in the dark.
      Karen Jones, an Ivy League graduate, had walked a conventional path—until a sudden cardiac event at age 30 took her to the brink of death. During her ordeal, Karen was presented with a choice. When her request to live was granted, she had to come to terms with the reality of divine communication. With this knowledge, Karen now had to decide how to live her life again.
      Her journey is filled with light—and lightness—as she crosses countries and cultures on her way to healing and understanding.
      With warmth, wonder, and wit, Karen takes us along on a ride of a lifetime . . . through India, Italy, Bhutan, and the Holy Land of Israel. Exploring the mysterious power of Kundalini yoga, the transforming doctrines of reincarnation, and the teachings of Jesus, she encourages us to embrace the full power of our spiritual selves. Through rapturous storytelling, Karen shows that love is the song that heals us all.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You CAN Change Your Past

I had another dream where I went to the past.

This first happened to me about 18 months ago:

I do think that returning to the geographic location of where the hurt occurred can help trigger the healing of the past.

Yesterday, I was in NYC for the first time in 4 years.

That first night in New York, I dreamed of myself sobbing and sobbing over a relationship that had occurred and ended in New York. It was one of the saddest dreams I'd ever had.

It wasn't about the present -- it was set in the past.

When this break-up actually happened in real life several years ago, I had no one to comfort me but angels.

Except this time in the dream, the person who had left me was comforting me.

Even though this painful experience had not been on the forefront of my consciousness, I had been listening to one of Doreen Virtue's meditations ( and she said you can rewrite stories in your past so they had happy endings and everyone involved was respectful.

I was sobbing, so this was not a happy ending, but the person that I loved so much was attempting to comfort me. It was an improvement over what actually happened on the earth plane several years ago.

I do think this dream changed what happened. So I'll be more healed and have better expectations of men.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Giving Angel Readings in My Sleep

When people attuned to the angels give angel readings, they are listening to the angels' messages for a person and then they relay those messages.

I have done this in waking life, but don't currently do it on a regular basis for people.

However, a few nights ago, I gave angel readings in my sleep.

I told one woman her angels wanted her to go to church and she did not like that answer at all. I told her it's not like when you were a kid as I got the feeling she did not like it then. (I myself do not go to church so it's not like I was giving her advice from me.) I felt like church would be good for her, maybe giving her some peace or sense of community and friendship.

Another woman came with her friend. And I said, "Why did you bring your friend?" And then I just knew and I answered my own question: "Because she stole your boyfriend." And they agreed, that was what had happened. They were close friends, like sisters. I reminded them that people are not possessions. You can't steal people.

I believe these were real people who were praying to angels or God for help and answers, maybe even before they went to sleep. I don't know if they will remember who relayed the messages, or if they will consciously remember them, but I do believe the messages were received.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pies Make Sounds and Names Have Numbers

Last night I had a dream that I was choosing from different pie slices. Each baker who had made each pie slice made a different sound, like a song. So different pie slices have different sound vibrations.

A dream I had awhile ago showed me that numbers are encoded in names. I was told the name Suzy stood for 4455.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Moving to a New Home: Cleansing Spirits and Inviting Unicorns

I moved into a new home with my sister about a month ago.

On Wednesday, our lease started and this is what we brought over about 24 hours before the move-in:

rock salt lamps which emit negative ions (to clear and protect)
an image of an angel painting
a portrait of Jesus from a Yogananda retreat
white orchids and white flowers and vases for the rooms
white candles from Aroma Naturals (this is the only brand I use)
rosewater spray (available at Whole Foods)
white sage to burn (available at Whole Foods)
Young Living aromatherapy diffuser
Young Living Frankincense essential oil
iPod with kundalini mantras and Doreen Virtue angel meditations

It wasn't enough! I didn't like my new home and I didn't know why. Aesthetically, it was much more luxurious than any other home that I'd lived in. But every day I woke up, I wanted to get out of there.

I talked to my Buddhist monk. He asked me about my relationship to unicorns. No, he is a very serious Buddhist monk. He has never spoken of unicorns in the 3 years that I've known him. But I am connected to unicorns. I dream about them and do Diana Cooper's unicorn meditations. He told me to wear unicorn clothes and to put a unicorn poster on a specific wall in the room. It took me awhile to find a unicorn poster I liked as many of them looked as though they belonged in children's bedrooms. I also got a turquoise unicorn figurine from Urban Outfitters, ordered a gold unicorn necklace and a rainbow unicorn key chain. That night I felt the presence of a full-size unicorn in the left side of my bedroom.

Three days later, I talked to my Reiki healer. She said there were 4-6 spirits in the house. She told them "Party's over" and they left. She also set 4 angels around the house and then Archangel Michael, the angel of protection, wanted to join as well. That night the house felt completely different. It felt SO cozy and it has continued to feel that way. I feel very very blessed and now love my new home.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Recognizing a Soul Mate

Last night I had a dream I met a guy at a party but as we were leaving the party together, he was killed by a low-flying airplane in front of me.

In the dream, a few days later, I saw him again. He was alive and whole and complete! I said his name and he said my name. "You know who I am?" I asked. I was delighted and surprised. I asked him if he remembered how we met. He scanned his memories but could not remember.

Although in this dream, we were in the same bodies and lives, I believe this was a message about reincarnation.

Love goes beyond death. You may not remember past lives together, but your soul mate will recognize you. It was also a nice message about love finding you.