Thursday, September 24, 2015

Manifest Your Destiny -- Wayne Dyer

Here are some lines from Wayne Dyer's Manifest Your Destiny book which I found helpful:

"Replace thoughts about your experiences with the experience of prayer. For instance, praying in this sense can be a sentence such as 'Sacredness guide me now' or 'Sacred love flow through me now' silently recited instead of thinking thoughts."

"A profoundly important Native American saying is: 'No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves.'"

"Infinite patience is a sign of trust, and it calls upon infinite love to produce results in your life. When you let go of impatience, you are aligned with God force, and all of the anxiety that tells you what is lacking and missing in your life is gone."

"Infinite patience produces almost immediate results in your life. You become free when you relax your insistence to have it now, and you increase your awareness that you actually do have it now, already, even though it may not have shown up as you would like it in your immediate surroundings. As an infinitely patient person you know you are already where you want to be, that there are no accidents and all that appears to be missing is nothing more than an illusion perpetuated by your ego."

"Practice a silent expression of gratitude when you start to see your desires manifesting from the universal source. A very private, simple 'Thank you, God, I see you working in my life and I acknowledge with love my appreciation for all that you bring to me' is all that is needed."

Monday, May 25, 2015

Seeing Ghosts

I have had the blessings of interacting with angels, fairies and unicorns in my dreams. These dreams are real.

For the first time, I am now seeing dead people who are not my friends or relatives in my dreams.

The first two times I was terrified although the ghosts are not doing anything scary. Now I am used to it.

Theses ghosts look completely like normal people, they are not transparent.

Interestingly, my sister has seen ghosts in the hospital but she never told me what they looked like. After I had my first 2 dreams, I heard someone ask her what ghosts looked like and she had the same experience as me: They look like normal people but you know they are ghosts.

The first time I saw a ghost, it was a middle aged woman who I saw in a mirror but her physical body was not in the room so I knew she was a ghost. She was not bad in any way but I was scared.

The next time, it was an Asian girl around 7 years old and she had bangs. I just knew she was a ghost and "didn't belong here." Again, I was terrified.

Last night I had 2 visitors. One was an actor from a long time ago who asked me, "Do you remember me?" I did. I wanted to give him my sister's book.

Then I was hanging out with a young gentleman with curly brown hair. I didn't know he was dead and neither did he. I think we were watching TV together. I then left the scene and a small white dog came up to me. He was really cute and wanted to rub the bottom of his paws against the palms of my hands. It was really sweet and I could feel the roughness of his paws.  I then saw some dirt around the paws, like how they get stuck in the hooves of a horse. This made me realize that he was the dog of the man and he was uncared for because his owner was dead. The man was angry and in denial he was dead. Then me and another person tried to electrically shock the man back to life but it was too late.

I don't know why the deceased people are coming to me. Ghosts are real but at lower vibrations than angels and fairies so I don't know why my perception adjusted so I can now see them.  Maybe they want help crossing over which I don't think I've done with these 4 people. I did try to bring that last guy back to life.

I have helped people cross over before in the Hallway of Lost Souls.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sending Out Signals

I read this in Laura Day's The Circle:

"You are sending out signals all the time. These messages are blueprints for other people in the world to find you, react to you, and connect with you in a certain way...

In this moment, everyone around you, whether in the room or miles away, is receiving and responding to your thoughts and feelings, just as you are responding to theirs. This mutual process occurs even when you and they are separated by space and time.

Neither you nor they may be aware of this process."

I actually AM aware of this process a lot, especially with ex-boyfriends and occasionally with friends and a potential future partner even though we are "separated by space and time." This passage helped explain and validate why I experience this happening in my dreams.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Unexpected Changes

I've found this to be true, especially as I've frequently changed geographic locations and jobs.

"When you've been through an unexpected change, the old you dies and a new one is born. And therefore you must allow yourself to be a baby. Get emotional support any way you can. Give yourself a limited time each day (at least an hour) to do nothing but focus on this adjustment. And don't make any big decisions until you've got your legs under you. You don't even know who the new you will grow up to be, so postpone large commitments, giving yourself time and love. Everything else will take care of itself." - Martha Beck

Both Eben Alexander and my sister (Karen Jones, Heart of Miracles) talk about being like babies in their near-death experience books.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

How To Get Married

In my sleep, I've counseled a young teenaged boy about being gay, laid my hands on people in hospitals to heal them and helped children get adopted.

Last night, several women came to me for advice on how to get married. One woman was only about 21 years old and she told me that she had several fishing lines out in international waters. I laughed, but my advice was to focus on one person, and of course on love and not acquisition.

One or two other women were looking through my files for spiritual laws and secrets on how to get married. They didn't find what they were looking for and one of them said, "Come on, we know you've studied this."

I said, "Yes, I have, and I threw most of it away because it wasn't true. You can't chant to get married.

"I do believe in soul mates and a lot of it has to do with waiting for the right person."

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cherishing All Living Beings

I went to a Buddhist meditation called Heart Jewel and this was read during the meditation. It is from The New Meditation Handbook by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

Since Beginningless time, in life after life, I have been a slave to my self-cherishing mind. I have trusted it implicitly and obeyed its every command, believing that the way to solve my problems and find happiness is to put myself before everyone else. I have worked so hard and for so long for my own sake, but what do I have to show for it? Have I solved all my problems and found the lasting happiness I desire? No. It is clear that pursuing my own selfish interests has deceived me. After having indulged my self-cherishing for so many lives, now is the time to realize it simply does not work. Now is the time to switch the object of my cherishing from myself to all living beings.

My Sister's Book!

My sister's book is available on Amazon for pre-order.

It is being published by Hay House.

Here's the description:

This book is a flashlight for people in the dark.
      Karen Jones, an Ivy League graduate, had walked a conventional path—until a sudden cardiac event at age 30 took her to the brink of death. During her ordeal, Karen was presented with a choice. When her request to live was granted, she had to come to terms with the reality of divine communication. With this knowledge, Karen now had to decide how to live her life again.
      Her journey is filled with light—and lightness—as she crosses countries and cultures on her way to healing and understanding.
      With warmth, wonder, and wit, Karen takes us along on a ride of a lifetime . . . through India, Italy, Bhutan, and the Holy Land of Israel. Exploring the mysterious power of Kundalini yoga, the transforming doctrines of reincarnation, and the teachings of Jesus, she encourages us to embrace the full power of our spiritual selves. Through rapturous storytelling, Karen shows that love is the song that heals us all.